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July 3, 2008

What is the Day Treatment Program for Alcohol Abuse in Tennessee?

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One of the most interesting options for alcohol treatment in Tennessee is the day treatment program. This program is better known for the convenience it provides of making people go through the treatment without having to forgo their daily obligations. It is not a treatment method that makes the patient isolated from family and friends. The person continues living in their home, but has to attend treatment programs for a few hours each day.

The general day treatment program in Tennessee is of duration of three to four hours each day. In some treatment centers, this is a daily program, while in some treatment centers, the program goes on for five days a week allowing the patients to have the weekends free. In this manner, this program becomes a modified version of the outpatient treatment program. Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment in Tennessee lasts for about nine hours a week, so in that way, the day treatment program is a more aggressive version of the outpatient treatment.

People who have persistent conditions of alcoholism and are not able to shake out of it voluntarily are the basic kinds of people who come in for day treatment programs. However, this program may also be recommended as a means of aftercare therapy for someone who has just come out of a detoxification program in Tennessee. The day treatment program includes counseling and aftercare treatment patterns that such people would require.

In busy Tennessee, the day treatment program has become quite popular because it does not put a dampener on people’s work. However, before going in for such a kind of program, you would check out what they have to offer and then decide whether such a program would be really effective for your condition or not.

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