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June 8, 2008

Substance Abuse Research: Essential In Order To Move Forward

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In order to move forward with substance abuse treatments and to understand why people do become addicted to various different substances, research has to be carried out. Without this vital research there would be no way of knowing how big the problem is and how it can be potentially treated and that would therefore lead to an even bigger substance abuse problem than we currently have at the moment.

What Substance Abuse Research Consists of

Substance abuse research basically looks into various aspects of substance abuse. It looks at the potential patterns between the people who abuse the substances and the attitudes of them in regards to their treatments.

One particular aspect which researchers focus on is how vulnerable children are growing up with substances around them. They also look at whether the problem is cultural and whether it affects certain people more than others. For example, does it affect poorer people more than it affects wealthier people? Some studies have shown that it does due to the fact that poorer families have a lot more to deal with and there is a lot more of a struggle growing up than there is in wealthier families.

However issues such as education and how certain schools may have a higher chance of influencing children to misuse substances is also taken into account. Obviously it is not the schools fault in particular but rather the community and the children who attend the school and this is particularly true in high schools.

The difference in gender is also looked into and research has shown that it does not actually make much of a difference. The same amount of men and women abuse substances and there are not even any results to show that men and women abuse different substances either. So generally gender wise there have been no patterns found, only that there is no real difference between the two sexes.

Finally another factor which is also looked at is the link between substance abuse and criminal activity. People who tend to misuse drugs are more likely to commit a serious crime than those who misuse alcohol. There are a number of reasons for this and one could include the fact that drugs are more expensive to come by and so the people on drugs need to steal to get what they need. Alcohol is generally cheaper, though those who binge drink can also cause criminal damage to things as well as assault others around them.

Overall substance abuse research is vital in order to find any potential patterns in who might abuse various substances and the damage which they can cause. Without the research we would not know how to treat the problem or in fact what the substances did to affect people’s health.

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