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June 8, 2008

Substance Abuse Prevention: Is It Ever Really Possible?

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With substance abuse being a major problem throughout the world today, the main question which many people are asking themselves is “how can substance abuse be avoided”. Unfortunately it seems that substance abuse will always be around, but there may be ways in which we can help.

Possible Substance Abuse Prevention Factors

There are a number of ways in which substance abuse can be prevented and one of the most common ways is through education.

As with everything, if you do not really know the implications of something apart from the fact that it is supposedly ‘bad’, then you are not really going to think twice about doing something. If anything, you are going to want to try it because there is a slight taboo surrounding it. This is the same with alcohol and drugs as well as other substances. It is not always about having a problem before you start drinking or taking drugs, it is sometimes about experimenting with something and finding that it makes you feel different and wanting to continue that feeling.

So, education is a major part in preventing some forms of substance abuse. If you tell young adults exactly what goes on with various substances and if you have speakers in to talk to them who have previously had a problem with substance abuse, then it sends a more powerful message than simply saying that something is bad for them and they shouldn’t do it. There has been a lot more education over the years on the subject of substance abuse but more still needs to be done if we are really going to help to beat this problem.

Another thing which we can do to stop this problem is to be more aware of how our children are feeling. Many people who abuse substances have deep issues and they are using the substances to make themselves feel numb. So in this instance what these people really needed was somebody to talk to and somebody who understood them. This means that a good family atmosphere is needed and that can sometimes be impossible.

Every single family is different and some parents simply do not believe that their children could have problems. So parents do need to be more aware of their children and a close relationship would help. That is not to say that substance abuse is always the families fault because it isn’t, but in some cases a closer family relationship could help.

Overall it is hard to say what will truly help to prevent substance abuse, but better support and more education are certainly two of the best ways to start. It is likely that substance abuse will always be around but if we take small measures to try and prevent it from occurring, it is going to be less common than it currently is now.

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