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June 24, 2008

Social Rehabilitation – An Important Part of Post Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

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While speaking to most specialists of intervention in Massachusetts regarding addiction treatment for someone you are responsible for, you will find that an important part of their activities is about social rehabilitation. Though social rehabilitation is a very distant topic when the patient is just embarking on the addiction treatment program in Massachusetts, this is a point that is discussed with priority. The main logic is that unless the patient is rehabilitated back to the society in which he or she is living in, the treatment will not have any meaning. That is the reason social rehab is always an important point, right from the start of the treatment program.

Even when the intervention in Massachusetts is convincing the patient to overcome denial, use is made of socially relevant people like friends, teachers and employers. They are made to speak of the social benefits the patient will get once he or she is out of the addiction.

But when the detox treatment is completed, the intervention program in Massachusetts will swing into complete action in order to socially rehabilitate the person. They will actually stay with the person if need be and encourage them to overcome their shyness of society and to involve themselves in various socially constructive activities. They are exhorted to participate in sports, to join clubs, to take up hobbies an even to take up a job. These are all parts of the task of making the person socially more active. But at the same time, the person is taught to identify the social conditions that caused the relapse in them in the first place and how to avoid those from happening again.

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