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June 8, 2008

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – The Facts

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse is a serious problem which millions of people suffer from worldwide. Whether it is through alcohol, drugs or even aerosols, substance abuse can be potentially deadly and so it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. But just what kind of treatment is available and can it really help? This is where a quality substance abuse education program can really deliver much needed support.

What Substance Abuse Treatment Involves

The main thing that you should know about substance abuse treatment is that it is not an easy path to take. Many people tend to think that once they have admitted that they have a problem, they can simply get it treated and that will be the end of it. However, the treatment can be extremely difficult; especially if you have been addicted to a substance for long periods of time. So you really do have to be prepared to go through hell and back in order to help yourself to overcome your addiction.

Once you have admitted that you have a problem the first step is to go to see a doctor or a professional in the area of your addiction. They will be able to talk everything through with you and give you a better idea of what the treatment would include. It would be a good idea to join some kind of support group too which some treatment centres do actually have anyway. Usually treatment will consist of:


Both can be used on their own, but many treatment centres believe that a combination of both is the best way to treat an addiction.

Behaviour therapies such as counselling help to sort out the real problem behind the addiction. Without this it may be possible to get you off the substance which you are currently addicted to, but you will not stay ‘clean’ for long. There is always a reason behind every addiction and usually it is some kind of deep trauma which is forcing you to block certain feelings out. So by facing up to these feelings you will in turn be helping yourself to stop relying upon the substance that you have chosen.

Various different medication options are also open to you which your doctor can prescribe you. This will help to relieve the side effects which come from going ‘cold turkey’. Coming completely off the substance you are so reliant upon will be extremely difficult and you will need some medication to help you through it.

Overall substance abuse treatment is readily available, but due to the fact that it is so hard many people are simply too afraid to try. The overall result is worth it however so if you do want to change your life then you will have to face up to the problems which you have.

Substance Abuse Research: Essential In Order To Move Forward

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In order to move forward with substance abuse treatments and to understand why people do become addicted to various different substances, research has to be carried out. Without this vital research there would be no way of knowing how big the problem is and how it can be potentially treated and that would therefore lead to an even bigger substance abuse problem than we currently have at the moment.

What Substance Abuse Research Consists of

Substance abuse research basically looks into various aspects of substance abuse. It looks at the potential patterns between the people who abuse the substances and the attitudes of them in regards to their treatments.

One particular aspect which researchers focus on is how vulnerable children are growing up with substances around them. They also look at whether the problem is cultural and whether it affects certain people more than others. For example, does it affect poorer people more than it affects wealthier people? Some studies have shown that it does due to the fact that poorer families have a lot more to deal with and there is a lot more of a struggle growing up than there is in wealthier families.

However issues such as education and how certain schools may have a higher chance of influencing children to misuse substances is also taken into account. Obviously it is not the schools fault in particular but rather the community and the children who attend the school and this is particularly true in high schools.

The difference in gender is also looked into and research has shown that it does not actually make much of a difference. The same amount of men and women abuse substances and there are not even any results to show that men and women abuse different substances either. So generally gender wise there have been no patterns found, only that there is no real difference between the two sexes.

Finally another factor which is also looked at is the link between substance abuse and criminal activity. People who tend to misuse drugs are more likely to commit a serious crime than those who misuse alcohol. There are a number of reasons for this and one could include the fact that drugs are more expensive to come by and so the people on drugs need to steal to get what they need. Alcohol is generally cheaper, though those who binge drink can also cause criminal damage to things as well as assault others around them.

Overall substance abuse research is vital in order to find any potential patterns in who might abuse various substances and the damage which they can cause. Without the research we would not know how to treat the problem or in fact what the substances did to affect people’s health.

Substance Abuse Prevention: Is It Ever Really Possible?

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With substance abuse being a major problem throughout the world today, the main question which many people are asking themselves is “how can substance abuse be avoided”. Unfortunately it seems that substance abuse will always be around, but there may be ways in which we can help.

Possible Substance Abuse Prevention Factors

There are a number of ways in which substance abuse can be prevented and one of the most common ways is through education.

As with everything, if you do not really know the implications of something apart from the fact that it is supposedly ‘bad’, then you are not really going to think twice about doing something. If anything, you are going to want to try it because there is a slight taboo surrounding it. This is the same with alcohol and drugs as well as other substances. It is not always about having a problem before you start drinking or taking drugs, it is sometimes about experimenting with something and finding that it makes you feel different and wanting to continue that feeling.

So, education is a major part in preventing some forms of substance abuse. If you tell young adults exactly what goes on with various substances and if you have speakers in to talk to them who have previously had a problem with substance abuse, then it sends a more powerful message than simply saying that something is bad for them and they shouldn’t do it. There has been a lot more education over the years on the subject of substance abuse but more still needs to be done if we are really going to help to beat this problem.

Another thing which we can do to stop this problem is to be more aware of how our children are feeling. Many people who abuse substances have deep issues and they are using the substances to make themselves feel numb. So in this instance what these people really needed was somebody to talk to and somebody who understood them. This means that a good family atmosphere is needed and that can sometimes be impossible.

Every single family is different and some parents simply do not believe that their children could have problems. So parents do need to be more aware of their children and a close relationship would help. That is not to say that substance abuse is always the families fault because it isn’t, but in some cases a closer family relationship could help.

Overall it is hard to say what will truly help to prevent substance abuse, but better support and more education are certainly two of the best ways to start. It is likely that substance abuse will always be around but if we take small measures to try and prevent it from occurring, it is going to be less common than it currently is now.

Are There Any Good Substance Abuse Recovery Programs Out There?

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Substance abuse is a bigger problem than what you may think and in fact a lot of people are stuck in the cycle of abusing these substances and they are spiraling out of control. The great news is that there are a great selection of substance abuse recovery programs out there that can help anyone who is abusing substances, or concerned about someone who is.

Beating the addiction can be an extremely hard task and some people may try but give up due to the lack of support or lack of will power. The hardest part can be giving up permanently because some people may give it up but they cannot keep it up.

One method that will help for long term results is by having a personalized program which has been designed specifically to help people to cope with the pressures of kicking the habit into touch.

The best thing is that there are many programs out there for people who are addicted to abusing substances. The thing that you need to keep in mind is not the cost of the treatment but how effective it is for you and how much it helps you to combat the addiction.

Are there any Good Recovery Programs out There?

One of the most popular recovery programs out there is the well known ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ as well as the ‘twelve steps of recovery’. People who join up are asked to attend the meetings regularly so that they can discuss their feelings and get the support that they need in order to stay sober. For anyone who has a drug problem, they can attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) which operates similarly to Alcoholics Anonymous.

A lot of people who have an addiction whether it is to drugs or any other substance make the mistake of quitting straight away. This may seem like the best way but this is actually where a lot of people revert back to their old ways.

By cutting back and doing it gradually you are easing your way off the substances which will make it easier when you do finally stop altogether. Some people feel that by quitting altogether it works for them but this method may not work for everyone and so it is best to get the advice and support that you need to help.

Whatever drug or other substance abuse recovery program you do decide to use, you can always be assured that you will find it a lot easier to quit the addiction by meeting people in the same position as they can help to support you.

Everything You Need To Know About Substance Abuse Attitude Testing

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With substance abuse being such a big problem, various measures have been taken to try and figure out how we can tackle the problem. One of these things includes a substance abuse attitude test, though it does not always give out the best results.

What is a Substance Abuse Attitude Test?

A substance abuse attitude test is basically given to drug user and it allows them to give feedback on various things. Usually the feedback is based upon the following topics:

    * How comfortable they are at answering drug related questions
    * Their opinion of drug using
    * Their opinion on illicit substances within their local neighbourhood

The results are used to try and get a better idea of what makes people abuse substances and how they actually feel about substance abuse in their local area and in schools as well as workplaces. There are roughly usually around 50 questions which are answered but sometimes the results are not always as helpful as they could be.

In fact from some results of the tests, many substance abusers thought that the education and help for substance abuse was really not helpful. Mainly people who go through substance abuse are offered short courses but the response from these has been a little negative. So from that it is then possible to say that more needs to be done.

Who Uses Substance Abuse Attitude Tests?

Usually it is substance abuse recovery centres that use these types of tests. They are designed to mainly help them to improve their services to the people who come to them for help. After all, how are you supposed to know if something is working if you do not ask for the patient’s feedback?

Of course substance abuse attitude tests are not the only way in which the centres find out about whether their treatments are working or not, but they are a large part of their research.

One reason in particular why it is important for these centres to receive feedback and improve their treatments is because then they have a better chance of getting funding. If they are helping people with substance abuse problems then they can plead their case and try and get funding to improve their services.

So overall substance abuse attitude tests are worthwhile and they can make a difference. It is just in the hands of the patients to tell the truth about how they feel and whether they feel that their treatment is working.

Treatment Centres: The Best Place To Get Through Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse is extremely difficult to stop and so when it comes to treatment, it is always best to get treated in a treatment centre.

Basically treatment centres are designed to help people to overcome their addiction problems no matter what they might be. They offer support as well as medication in order to help you to get through the situation as painlessly as possible.

Finding a Good Treatment Centre

All treatment centres are different yet they are all designed to help addicts to become substance free. Due to the fact that they are all different it is essential that you look around in order to find the best one to suit your needs. You may want to take into account:

    The location
    How much it costs
    What treatment consists of
    The people they currently treat
    Whether they offer individual treatment plans

Now the most important thing which you will need to know is whether the treatment centres offer individual treatment plans. You need to be looked after when you are coming off any substance and you will need individual help.

Each person is different and so what works for one may not work for another. So an individual plan will ensure that you receive the best treatment for your needs. Also a really good treatment centre will offer updated treatment plans so that if any issues arise throughout your treatment, the necessary new treatments are introduced into the plan in order to accommodate these new issues.

The location may also obviously be a problem though really no family or friends are usually allowed to visit for a certain time period. So it would be easy to arrange transportation to take you to the treatment centre as a one off which means that location is not necessarily as important as you may first think.

All treatment centres will cost a certain amount of money as you do have to pay for your stay there and the treatment. Obviously this can put off many people who abuse substances due to the fact that they might not have the money to put themselves into a treatment centre.

Overall there are various factors which need to be considered before you book yourself or a loved one into a treatment centre. The main one is what kind of treatment plan you can expect to follow. Would it be possible to talk to any of the patients there or any previous patients? Are the staff there friendly and helpful? Do your research beforehand and compare a few different centres before finally making your decision.

Drug Abuse Treatment Centers

Drug Abuse Treatment: Eliminating The Addiction

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When you have an addiction it is almost impossible to stop it as it has taken over your mind. The mind is an extremely powerful weapon and if you cannot control what you are thinking then you cannot control what you are doing and what you are taking.

Drug addiction needs specialist treatment and without it you will find it impossible to eliminate the addiction from your life.

What does Drug Abuse Treatment Consist of?

Each drug abuse treatment program will be different for each individual. This is because everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. It will depend upon the individual characteristics as well as the type of drug being abused as to which treatment you will receive.

Usually treatment is either given through behaviour therapy or medication. Sometimes it can even be a mixture of both. Generally the behaviour therapies are more effective because they help the patient to come to terms with their addiction as well as helping them to deal with the extremely hard times that they are facing when coming off the drug.

Sometimes the best course of treatment for a drug abuser is to go to rehab. There they get the specialist help which they need in order to help them to fight their addiction.

Can Treatment Be Undertaken at Home?

Whilst some people do opt to have treatment at home it is certainly not advised. The only time that home treatment might work is if the person involved knew a doctor or nurse who could help them. However even then it would still be practically unbearable and extremely difficult and the best option is to go to a rehab centre for treatment.

The reason that home treatment is so unsuccessful is due to the fact that drugs change the way that the brain functions and those effects last for a long time, even after you have stopped using the drugs. This means that you will still crave the drug after you have given up and it will be impossible to say no to that craving when the temptation is still there. In rehab you do not have the temptation around you and you have to go through each day without having any drugs whatsoever. This can feel like you are going through hell and back but once you are through the other side you really will be glad that you did it.

Overall drug abuse treatment cannot successfully be done within your home own. You really need the help of professionals who are trained to help you through the addiction. You cannot know how hard it is going to be until you first come off those drugs. So whether your treatment involves counselling or medication, make sure that you undergo it in a rehab centre.

Drug Abuse Symptoms: What To Look Out For

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With a lot of substance abuse cases, the people never actually think that they have a problem. You would think that somebody who was suffering with drug abuse would know that they have a problem but surprisingly not all of them do. So just how can you tell when someone has a drug abuse problem?

The Symptoms of Drug Abuse

When it comes to drug abuse the symptoms will depends entirely upon which drug you are actually using. Each will have its own effects on your body and they will make you react in a completely different way. Some symptoms include:

    Inability to relax
    Selling possessions and borrowing money frequently
    Sudden mood swings
    Wearing long sleeved clothing in warm weather
    Being secretive and defensive

One of the main symptoms of drug abuse is the person’s inability to relax other than when they take drugs. They can often seem on edge and constantly looking around them to see what is going on. In many cases the person actually shakes and starts tapping their feet or gets up and walks around. This may sound extreme but it is due to a serious drug dependency problem and it also causes paranoia too.

Another common symptom is sudden mood swings. These could be slight mood swings or they could possibly be quite terrifying. People who use drugs do not know what they are doing most of the time and when the drug has taken over it can cause them to become overly nasty. So one minute they could be fine and the next they could be flying into a rage at you for no apparent reason.

Selling possessions and asking for money is also fairly common amongst drug users. Once they become addicted they need to get their fix of drugs and that can mean that as well as borrowing money, they steal it too. So if money is frequently going missing from your wallet/purse then it is worth checking out the reason behind it as it could well point to a drug user.

Overall those are the main symptoms and they are worth looking into if anybody you know does display them frequently. Again it completely depends upon the type of drug which they use as some will not cause angry mood swings, instead the person would just seem irritable and when they are on drugs they may seem completely relaxed.

Drug Abuse Rehab: The Way To Recovery Is Never Easy

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Suffering from drug abuse can feel like the worst thing in the world; always relying upon your next fix before you can relax again. Then when you get that next fix of drugs you feel paranoid and you feel like you constantly need more. It is not easy to live like that but it is a lot worse to try and come off the drugs and that is where drug abuse rehab comes in.

What is Drug Abuse Rehab?

Drug abuse rehab is especially designed to help people to safely come off drugs. In the comfort of your own home it is impossible to come off drugs as they are so powerful and the temptation is always there. The worst thing about giving up drugs is that it is an especially nasty experience. You feel angry and you shake, you feel paranoid and you go through cold sweats. The physical symptoms are bad enough without the added psychological symptoms too.

Drug abuse rehab centres know all about the dangers of coming off drugs and they know exactly how to deal with it. So whilst it may seem like you can do it alone, you really can’t and it would be a lot better for your health if you actually went into a drug abuse rehab centre.

Now not all drug abuse rehab centres are the same. However no matter which rehab you choose to attend, they should all have various programs available for you to suit your own individual needs. Whilst everyone is there to come off drugs, the reasons why they are on them and they way in which they react to things are different and so one specific program would not work for everyone.

Once you get to the rehab centre, again depending upon which centre you attend, you will be asked to hand over your possessions. Often rehab is made to sound like it is a holiday for people when in fact it is actually extremely tough. You have a schedule which you have to follow daily. There are various counselling sessions which you have to attend as well as group sessions too. Nothing you do is controlled by you and so it is a very hard experience but it is one which is proven to work.

Overall drug abuse rehab centres have helped thousands of people to go through hell and back in order to get their lives back on track. The road to recovery is never easy but rehab will help you as much as possible in order to get through it.

What Drug Abuse Programs Are Out There?

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Are you addicted to drugs and you just cannot seem to get out of the destructive pattern that you are in? You are certainly not alone if you are as there are countless amounts of people everywhere that are in exactly the same boat as you. If you’re looking for a drug abuse program hopefully we can help you find one that suits your needs.

For anyone that is addicted to drugs, they can soon spiral out of control and who knows where it can end; with a lot of people overdosing or trying harder drugs until their bodies simply cannot take it any more. Drug abuse is a massive problem and the thing is that even younger children are starting drugs too, whether it is soft drugs or harder drugs.

Family members may be extremely worried about their loved ones but there are things that can be done to help. If you know someone who is addicted to drugs and you are worried for their safety then you may want to speak to someone or you can find out about drug abuse programs that are available.

What Drug Abuse Programs are out There?

One of the most popular ones out there for drug abusers is Narcotics Anonymous which is a non profit organisation specifically designed for people who have an addiction to drugs. The 12 step program is also a great drug abuse program that can help drug addicts to get to a better place.

The thing is that you cannot just treat someone for drug abuse because there may be another underlying problem and the abuser may have other needs that might need addressing. If they were to come off the drugs, if the problem is still there then there is a big chance that they will go straight back onto them again and it will bring them back to square one again.

There is a lot of rehab clinics out there that can help people who are addicted to drugs to try and overcome their problem. The thing about the treatment is that it is going to have to be a steady progression instead of it being a quick fix. If it is steady and not rushed then there is more chance of staying off the drugs rather than going back on them later down the line.

The drug abuse programs are there to help drug abusers and to give them all of the support that they need. The thing is that no matter how much support they get it needs an element of willpower to give up the drugs as the cravings will be strong. So if you are someone who is going through this or who is helping someone through it then you can expect a bumpy ride.

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