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June 18, 2008

Including Family in the Counseling Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Montana

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The addiction treatment program in Montana lays special emphasis on including the family of the patient. At any inpatient or outpatient treatment center in Montana, there will be a special provision to include the family. In some programs, the family is included only at certain stages in the addiction treatment program such as initially during the denial overcoming process and finally when the family is coached on relapse prevention methods, but in some other programs, the family will be used throughout. There are many reasons why the family is used.

Firstly, the family may themselves be victims of the various problems that the addiction may cause. Resources on substance abuse in Montana show how a single person’s addiction affects at least four other people, most of which are family. These effects can be seen in the form of various mental problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, etc. The family needs to be coached on how not to become victims of such problems.

Instead, the family must be a motivating force for the patient to go through the addiction treatment. They must convince the patient for getting into treatment and then encourage him or her during the entire treatment process. Even after the treatment, the family is a very important support for the patient to keep away from a re-addiction. Many centers of drug addiction treatment in Montana make special efforts in training families on how to behave and act so that they can keep the patient away from falling into a relapse.

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