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July 6, 2008

How does an Intervention Program in Missouri help in Relapse Prevention after a Detox Program?

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One of the biggest problems that go hand in hand with the detox treatment program in Missouri is the possibility of the patient having a relapse and getting back into the addiction. This actually happens in a lot of cases and when that happens, the patient may be required to get the detox treatment done again. In order to avert this possibility, there is a very strong relapse prevention program designed at various avenues of the addiction treatment. One of them is through the intervention program itself.

The job of the intervention program in Missouri is not just to get the patient into the addiction treatment. They will also help the patient to get through the entire portion of the treatment and help the patient to get reestablished into family and active constructive society once the treatment is done. At this juncture, relapse prevention becomes a very important part of the overall program.

A representative from the intervention in Missouri will actually escort the patient home from the treatment center after the discharge. They will counsel the family on how they must behave with the patient on the day he or she will return home from the treatment. Some of the intervention programs working for substance abuse treatment in Missouri will actually have a representative stay with the patient for a few days after returning home and they will train the patient on various techniques including Yoga, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and such other techniques that can help them to allay the temptation of the substance if it occurs after the treatment.

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