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July 30, 2008

How An Intervention Program For Heroin Addiction In Connecticut Helps Bring The Patient To Treatment

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One of the most serious problems that obstruct heroin addiction treatment in Connecticut is the strong denial that is always found in the patient. A denial mode happens when the patient does not want to acknowledge that his or her addiction is unsafe, and hence does not recognize the importance of treatment. Unless and until the patient is taken out of the denial mode, they will not accept treatment and hence they will not be able to come out of their dependency.

The intervention program in Connecticut recognizes this problem quite well and hence helps families that are trying to get their addicted members ready for treatment. They help these people’s families to motivate them for the treatment so that they can recover from their condition. This is what they will do:-

1.    The first thing is to establish a group of people who can influence the person to get into the treatment. These people will be mostly family members, but they can also contain friends, employers, teachers and even religious people who can wield some influence on the patient.

2.    This group will be explained why they are formed and what their primary service must be, which is getting the person ready for treatment.

3.    Then they are asked to prepare speeches that would help in making the patient understand the situation they are in. These speeches are checked by the intervention specialist to make sure that they will have the desired effect on the patient.

4.    Once the speeches are done, the group is made to rehearse them. After that, a meeting is called for where the patient will be invited for the intervention.

Several sessions might be needed to make such an intervention a success. However, once that is done, the intervention will help the family search a suitable treatment center in Connecticut for the addiction treatment of the patient.

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