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June 8, 2008

Everything You Need To Know About Substance Abuse Attitude Testing

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With substance abuse being such a big problem, various measures have been taken to try and figure out how we can tackle the problem. One of these things includes a substance abuse attitude test, though it does not always give out the best results.

What is a Substance Abuse Attitude Test?

A substance abuse attitude test is basically given to drug user and it allows them to give feedback on various things. Usually the feedback is based upon the following topics:

    * How comfortable they are at answering drug related questions
    * Their opinion of drug using
    * Their opinion on illicit substances within their local neighbourhood

The results are used to try and get a better idea of what makes people abuse substances and how they actually feel about substance abuse in their local area and in schools as well as workplaces. There are roughly usually around 50 questions which are answered but sometimes the results are not always as helpful as they could be.

In fact from some results of the tests, many substance abusers thought that the education and help for substance abuse was really not helpful. Mainly people who go through substance abuse are offered short courses but the response from these has been a little negative. So from that it is then possible to say that more needs to be done.

Who Uses Substance Abuse Attitude Tests?

Usually it is substance abuse recovery centres that use these types of tests. They are designed to mainly help them to improve their services to the people who come to them for help. After all, how are you supposed to know if something is working if you do not ask for the patient’s feedback?

Of course substance abuse attitude tests are not the only way in which the centres find out about whether their treatments are working or not, but they are a large part of their research.

One reason in particular why it is important for these centres to receive feedback and improve their treatments is because then they have a better chance of getting funding. If they are helping people with substance abuse problems then they can plead their case and try and get funding to improve their services.

So overall substance abuse attitude tests are worthwhile and they can make a difference. It is just in the hands of the patients to tell the truth about how they feel and whether they feel that their treatment is working.

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