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June 8, 2008

Drug Abuse Symptoms: What To Look Out For

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With a lot of substance abuse cases, the people never actually think that they have a problem. You would think that somebody who was suffering with drug abuse would know that they have a problem but surprisingly not all of them do. So just how can you tell when someone has a drug abuse problem?

The Symptoms of Drug Abuse

When it comes to drug abuse the symptoms will depends entirely upon which drug you are actually using. Each will have its own effects on your body and they will make you react in a completely different way. Some symptoms include:

    Inability to relax
    Selling possessions and borrowing money frequently
    Sudden mood swings
    Wearing long sleeved clothing in warm weather
    Being secretive and defensive

One of the main symptoms of drug abuse is the person’s inability to relax other than when they take drugs. They can often seem on edge and constantly looking around them to see what is going on. In many cases the person actually shakes and starts tapping their feet or gets up and walks around. This may sound extreme but it is due to a serious drug dependency problem and it also causes paranoia too.

Another common symptom is sudden mood swings. These could be slight mood swings or they could possibly be quite terrifying. People who use drugs do not know what they are doing most of the time and when the drug has taken over it can cause them to become overly nasty. So one minute they could be fine and the next they could be flying into a rage at you for no apparent reason.

Selling possessions and asking for money is also fairly common amongst drug users. Once they become addicted they need to get their fix of drugs and that can mean that as well as borrowing money, they steal it too. So if money is frequently going missing from your wallet/purse then it is worth checking out the reason behind it as it could well point to a drug user.

Overall those are the main symptoms and they are worth looking into if anybody you know does display them frequently. Again it completely depends upon the type of drug which they use as some will not cause angry mood swings, instead the person would just seem irritable and when they are on drugs they may seem completely relaxed.

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